Monday, November 28, 2011

Deck the Stalls 2011!!!

Saturday was "Deck the Stall Day" at Circle K! It was a fun-filled afternoon of putting swags together, coffee drinking, eating, and visiting!

Here's the swag-making crew! Great job ladies! We made swags for all the stall doors, some extras for us to bring home, and we sent home some more with a few other boarders! (Thanks Autum and Tylor for all the boughs!)

making the swags...

and hanging them up!

Murphy likes his swag!

the goods!

and enjoying the goods!

Sweet baby Konnor even joined in the fun!

Marsha was also able to ride Gypsy for the first time on Saturday! That was an added bonus to "deck the stalls" day! They both did great!

Thanks so much to all of our lovely boarders who came out for "Deck the stalls!" We love our Circle K boarders (horses and people alike!) :)

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