Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer on the Ranch

We've been enjoying summer. Doing a few projects around the ranch, picking and eating berries, camping, riding horse, playing outside constantly... that's what our family's been up to!

Summer inside the barn. I love how light and bright it is in the barn during the summer.

My sis took the pics in this post and I had to include this one. Here's one of our circle K horses. Beautiful, don't you think!?!

This spring we fixed up the outdoor arena, and added some trail obstacles. It's been fun to have this course in use over the summer! Our boarded horses have been using it quite a bit and Brian's really enjoyed it for his training horses too.
It includes a bridge, logs, tire course, poles, and a brush simulator.

Of course, our little ranchers enjoy doing the course too! :)

One of the things that says summer to us is hay. Time to buy our hay for the year. Brian loves this time of year. I think it makes him feel like a real man throwing all that hay around in the loft. (good thing too, b/c bucking bales isn't really my most favorite ranch project to help out with - I'll gladly leave that to him and our hay peeps!)

Oh, the thought that goes into hay buying. You can see that even lil Miss is deep in thought over this...

Our loft is brimming with sweet smelling hay; a start to being ready for winter. Now, the project at the top of the list: redoing the tops of the fields, giving them a new layer of sand, ready to drain off the mass amounts of rainwater that the Pacific Northwest provides all winter long! (Could you please last a while longer, summer!?!)