Saturday, November 20, 2010

Deck the Stalls

Today was an amazingly fun day out at the barn! We had a couple of lessons, quite a few boarders in and out, and some other visitors; and all the while a few of us ladies were busy decking the stalls! Autumn came over with the supplies to make swags for the stall doors (not to mention supplies for fantastic coffees!) We managed to deck every stall out and enjoy visiting. I think the horses feel extra cozy and festive tonight in a barn filled with Christmasy smelling wreaths. I swear they all seemed just a bit more jolly when I left the barn tonight...:) Get ready Circle K horses, the holiday fun has only just begun!

Here's the lovely lady whipping up made-to-order drinks. She was making lattes, americanos, you name it... she brought the supplies to make it! Anyone who set foot in the barn today left with a yummy drink to warm up with!

Look how busy she was! So busy that the picture's blurry! (oh wait, I think that's just my below average picture taking abilities)

and while we're at it... why not deck the house too..

Thanks Autumn for your lovely boughs, creativity, pizazz, and wonderful fancy coffee- making abilities!!! oh yes, and we can't forget, thanks for bringing this quad over for these 2 to goof off on, in between all the tractor work that was being done today!:) Looks like they enjoyed it!

And thanks to everyone who stopped in and made this day an extra-exciting day at the ranch!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Currently, Brian is training 3 horses. He's training two 3 yr olds that had never been ridden, and one 8 year old who's had a few rides on him, but had a bit of a bucking problem. He's really enjoying training these three geldings, and they're coming along nicely. He's not the only one building a relationship with these horses... look at his assistants... aren't they cute? Sydni spend a lot of time watching her Daddy train. Today was a highlight because she got to ride. Today was Kolt's first ride. He was pretty thrilled!

Looks like Dananda's getting "kid broke" huh? :)

Monday, August 30, 2010


Welcome all, to Circle K's new blog! We've set this up for people to have an opportunity (online) to find out who we are and what we do! Have a look around!