Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet Manly

Here's Manly, the newest member of the Kooiker family. Brian's pretty thrilled about him, and happy to have a horse of his own again. (It's been a couple years.)
Manly is a two year old, Solid Bred Paint. He's bred to be a halter/western pleasure show horse. He's been shown in halter and lunge line. He has some growing to do, so he's just going to be our buddy for at least a year, until he fills out a little and Brian can start riding him. He's 15 and 1 hands and should get fairly big, because his sire is 16 and 1 hands.

Manly was getting a bit excited over the goat. The goat was inside the round pen chowing down on some grass and dandelions, and Manly couldn't see him, but could hear him. We're pretty sure this was his first goat encounter. We're happy to say, they came out friends.

"Please don't make me go in there with that foreign creature!"

"Hmmmm, doesn't seem so bad."

"Oh hey, maybe we can be friends."

Sydni was pretty excited for Manly to be ours. And Kolt's already been on his back, with a huge smile. :)

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  1. Woo Hoo, I'm so excited! Brian, he's beautiful! (An obvious upgrade from that shabby greyish one we had to talk you out of not long ago. ;p ) I'm so jealous but you are after all, the one who remains in the country *and* owns a horse ranch. You deserve it, Dude! Do you remember when you got Gypsy and we hung out in your shop writing potential names on the whiteboard? It's handy that this guy came with a name, (I'm assuming he can as 'Manly?') since I'm not there to to help you this time. ;p I like his name, it makes me laugh, in a good way. :)
    Congratulations, I'm excited to see you two grow together!